How can I pay?

At this point we do not offer online payments yet. You can pay us in cash before or after the tour. We also own a credit card machine in our office. Please go there if you'd like to pay us by credit card. We can also accompany you to the office after the tour, it's only 5 minutes away from the beach. Unfortunately, we have to add a small transaction fee.

Which currencies do you accept?

We usually accept dollars. If you want to pay in TZS, we use an exchange rate of 1:2300. For Euros, we use 1:0,9. Any other currencies are not accepted. Some example: You book the sunset cruise tour for $40. The price in TZS would be 40 x 2300 = 92000 TZS The price in Euro would 40 x 0,9 = 36 €

Do you have a discount for children?

Yes! Any children up to 3 years can go for free. Any children up to 12 years get an additional 20% discount. Contact us if you have children and we can send you an individual price quote.

Do I receive a reservation/booking confirmation?

Yes, you will receive a bill shortly after making the reservation/booking. Contact us if you did not get one.

How can I cancel my tour?

If you want to cancel your tour, please send us an e-mail or whatsapp message at least one day before the tour starts. Some tours require us to buy food and drinks in advance. If you don't show up, we will have spent the money for nothing. As we always try to treat you with all respect, we kindly ask you to do the same to us.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We will let you know if the tour cannot be operated due to bad weather (heavy rain, storm etc.). Please check your e-mails. If we didn't get an answer from you, we will wait for you at the meeting point to inform you about the upcoming procedure. You will have the choice to either postpone your tour or cancel it. In the case of cancelation we will not charge you of course.

Do you offer transfers to/from our hotel/other location?

We do not possess our own transporting car. However, we can call a taxi for you that is probably cheeper than the average price. Tell us your location and we'll inform you about the additional costs. If you do the Spice Farm Tour, Cooking Class Tour or Jozani Forest Tour, you will not be charged any extra money for the taxi, since the transport is already included in the price! If you wish to be picked up by your hotel, we can do that as long as the hotel is in Stone Town. As the taxi will start from Tembo Hotel, it will probably arrive 5-15 minutes later at your place.

Where is the meeting point?

Some people find it difficult to locate our office in Stone Town. Therefore, and because it is closer to our boats, we set the TEMBO HOTEL (which is next to the beach) as the general meeting point for ALL tours. If you don't find it, please send Captain Tango a message. Here is a picture of the place where you will meet with us. Just wait in front of the hotel and wait for someone in a blue Serenity Experience shirt to pick you up.

Do you have an official business license?

It's a legitimate question. Some tour operators in Zanzibar don't have an official business license. Liability issues might be difficult with such operators, besides they can be rather unprofessional. Serenity Experience Tour & Safari Ltd. owns an official business license, however, as you can see below.