Update on corona situation

Hello travellers,

unfortunately, the corona virus has now spread almost everywhere in the world, including Zanzibar. Our best wishes go to all of those people, who are already infected and we hope that we can prevent the worst by limiting the number of infected people. What does the corona crisis mean for Serenity Experience? Well, as for all tourism companies we await hard times and uncertainties. Right now, our office is closed and we might move to another place or even close the office permanently and only operate online. All the people, who have booked tours with us in the past or upcoming days/weeks, have been informed that we needed to cancel the tours. Of course, there is now very few tourists arriving at Zanzibar anyway, as most countries have limited or forbidden travelling to other countries. We will let you know, when the situation gets better and we can operate the same way as before.

Hopefully in the summer months we will be back. If you are interested in booking our service, we recommend to get in touch with us first. Stay healthy!

All the best,

Serenity Experience