What Serenity Experience stands for.


Everyone talks about sustainability nowadays. But for us it’s not just a word that suits our ‘marketing strategy’. We don’t want to give empty promises. Zanzibar, as beautiful as it is, is already facing serious challenges due to climate change, water pollution and poverty, and these challenges might grow in the future. That’s why we as Serenity Experience decided to take a different route than some other tour operators. What does this mean?

Here are some examples...

- No usage of plastic: plastic is one of the biggest current threats to oceans and the animals living within. As a consequence, we replaced plastic through organic or reusable products. For example, we use plates made of palm trees and glas bottles for our fresh juices (Only water will still be served in plastic bottles due to hygienic reasons).

- Waste disposal: we are going to safely remove all waste which we will produce and we want to encourage our customers to do so too. Additionally, we started an initiative to do regular beach cleanings in different spots of Stone Town (read more about this in our blog). 

- Fair Salaries: our employees are hard-working and loyal. We believe that their efforts should be compensated by fair salaries, which guarantee a safe and sufficient income. For us, Serenity Experience is like a family, where everyone takes care of each other.

- Social consciousness: we support social activities and cooperate with organisations that are engaged in helping the Zanzibarian society. Educational programs for children are particularly important to us, as children are the future of this beautiful place.


the customer means a lot us. No matter where you are from or how old you are, we gladly welcome you to experience the fascination Zanzibar together. We like diversity and we are curious to get to know you. In return for your trust in us we want to provide you with the best service we can offer. Punctuality, good organization, high quality equipment, healthy and tasty food are obligatory to us. We want to pay attention to the details and we want to learn from your feedback to become a better company. We also would like to be inspiring by sharing interesting insights to the life and customs of our people. We believe that communication is not only a part of a good customer service, it also creates an understanding between people and different cultures. Our goal is to open your mind and at the same time make sure that you'll just have a fun day with us, without having to worry about anything. Because that's also what the name "serenity" expresses: tranquility, naturalness, peacefulness.


we are a local company. All of our workers are from Zanzibar, so we can share with you authentic experiences and stories of Zanzibar. This enables us to show you places that belong to our own past and present, as part of our cultural heritage which we proudly present. Our atmosphere is also more intimate, we will not pack you into an overcrowded boat with 20 other people just to maximize profits. Besides, all of the food we offer is authentic local food. We are excited of our own products and we think you will love them as much as we do! Come and enjoy real Zanzibarian seafood and fruits, which is incredibly tasty, fresh and healthier than most industrial products. And when you visit Stone Town, we will show you places that will display a full and authentic experience of this wonderful island.